5 Loaves and 2 Fish was started by a father and son from Trevor WI as a method to enable us to generate funds to support our church's global missions efforts.  It was inspired by our church's annual "Alternative Christmas Mall".  The alternative Christmas mall would allow Northbridge Church members to buy items sent by our missions partners as Christmas Gifts. Due to COVID, we were not able to have the alternative Christmas Mall, so we felt called to create an Alternative...Alternative Christmas Mall. 

When you buy from our store we donate the profit to mission in the collection you selected.  We source our products from Global Crafts.  We get a 40% discount on the price listed on our store.  This means 40% of what you are paying is donated to the mission and 60% goes to Global Crafts.  Global Crafts was founded to create income generating opportunities for artisans in developing countries.  We have done our best to match the country of our mission partner to the country of the artisan.

Items sold on this site can be changed by the wholesaler without notification. All items may not reflect the views/beliefs of the website, nor the mission partners in which the items proceeds will be distributed to.